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Want to identify Hidden Barriers?

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Who should read? 1. Those who keep trying to achieve their goals but can't reason out what’s happening? 2. Those who journal but need more effective journaling tools to identify hidden barriers Research: Dr. Pattrick Howell, and my mind;)This blog requires you to do some homework. Fill the underlined portion of these sentences with your own personal goals 1. My goal to write a blog/lose 10 kgs is worthwhile and desirable. Score - 4 While you write this statement also rate yourself from 1-5, how honest you think you are being. It is a very desirable and worthwhile goal is lose 10 kgs because I want to be free from fear and being judged. The answer to this question will keep you going in the lows. 2. My goal is to write a blog/lose 10 kgs is achievable. Score – 3. The honesty score is 3 because my job takes 12 hours a day and then I need family time. I think my goal is a little ambitious. So does 5 kg seem more achievable? Yes. While writing a ‘yes’ I also realized when I think about achievability, I am a short-sighted. I think for a horizon of just 3 months. Thus, 10 kgs seem difficult. Therefore, to make it easy for me, I will give myself a goal every three months than provide a long-term goal. 3. What do I do to achieve my goal of writing a blog/losing 10 kgs is per my lifestyle? Score – 3 While giving the above question a score of 3, I reflect and discover that to achieve my goals I need to get up at 6:00 AM rather than 8:00 AM, which gives me some personal time. This is not part of my current lifestyle. Also, I need to alter my diet, which requires a lifestyle change. Can I sustain this lifestyle? 4. Do I have the capabilities within myself to achieve the goal of …………………………………………………? No. Not completely. I need to hire a trainer and dietician as I am already feeling overwhelmed. I feel more comfortable with my capability to write but I need more help on promoting my blog. The question gives me an action plan. 5. I deserve to achieve my goal of writing a blog/losing 10 kgs? Score - 4 I deserve to lose 10 kgs because I work hard towards it intermittently but I just need to be more consistent. I have written a lot of journals and articles in college. I totally deserve to start writing a blog which others can read. This question is a little tricky. What does this question do for you? It tells you where you have lacked in your efforts/studies/research etc. It also gives you a direction on your action plan. Do share with me how did this exercise go.

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